Hey! I'm Elijah Bowling. I’m an Influencer, Creator, and Innovator, but above all else I live the Jesus Life – learning to Live, Love, and Lead like Jesus every day.


I have a deep passion for Creativity, in every visual/audible form. Creativity is one of the greatest attributes of God, and I'm in awe that He gives it to us. I can't think of a better way to use my Creativity than for Him.


I also have a deep passion for the Church - the global body of Christ. I believe the Church of today is in a New Season. The Spirit of Division is evaporating, being replaced the Spirit of Unified Diversity. The Church is healing internally, so it can go and heal the world - in perfect timing. The new generation will be unstoppable, and the Church's best days are ahead.


I believe the purpose of Life is to Worship Jesus by living The Jesus Life, which is to Live, Love, and Lead like Jesus. It’s our role in the grand purpose of all creation, which is to worship Jesus. My favorite scripture is found in Psalms 150...


"Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!"


PSALMS 150:6


God has amazing things for each of us, so let's immerse ourselves in Him so He can fulfill His purpose in our lives. Live faithfully and passionately like Jesus, Love people like He does, and Lead them into an Encounter with Him.


Your BEST is totally yet to come!



Influencer // Creator // Innovator

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The Ultimate Purpose of Reality is Jesus Worshiped. Creation exists to worship Him. Our role as people the God’s Grand Purpose for creation is living The Jesus Life:


Live + Love + Lead


like Jesus.

L i v e


To live like Jesus, you first have to know Jesus. You have to cultivate an authentic and intimate relationship with Him. You have to believe in Him, die to your own life, and receive His NEW life for you. When you begin the Jesus Life, everything changes. You receive a Kingdom Mind, and your world-view converts from temporal to eternal. It’s the most important and transformative experience in your life in every way. Once you know Jesus, you learn how to live like He lived. Jesus was Passionate. He knew His purpose - to save humanity - and pursued and fulfilled it passionately, with His whole life (heart, mind, soul, and spirit). Jesus was also Faithful. He lived His entire life pursuing His purpose with perfect consistency and loyalty. He was tempted in all things, but without sin. The faithfulness and passion of Jesus was only possible because Jesus lived in Authentic Relationship with God the Father. He was fully God, but He was also fully man. He had to submit His flesh to His Spirit, and live in a 2-way relationship with the Father to fulfill His purpose. Through Jesus, we too can live in Authentic Relationship with the Father. A truly Authentic Relationship with God is an intimate relationship. Be intimate with Him in worship and in His Word, and you’ll experience the greatest fulfillment and transformation, and begin to truly Live like Jesus.

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L O v e


Once you begin to Live like Jesus, you then begin to Love like Jesus. You can never truly begin to love until you know who Love is. Love has a name, and His name is Jesus. Jesus is love, therefore He can truly love others, and through Him so can we. Jesus completely and genuinely loves people for everything they are, regardless of anything they are not. We’re purposed and empowered to share that same love with people. True love is seeing people’s souls regardless of their sin, and embracing its value - which is established by Jesus - to them. That’s loving like Jesus.

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When you Live and Love like Christ, you naturally Lead people to Him. The most exciting part of the Jesus Life is sharing it with someone new. When we’re modeling the life of Christ with how we Live and Loving people as He Loves us, we then have the privilege of Boldly Leading them into an Encounter with the same Jesus we Encountered at the start. It’s the kindness and goodness of God through the work of His Spirit in our life and love that Leads the people we influence to repentance and redemption. Living like Jesus produces His Love, and Loving like Jesus creates the opportunity to Lead like Jesus – Leading others to Encounter God, so He can lead them to go Live + Love + Lead the same.

Living, Loving, and Leading like Jesus will Crowd Heaven, fulfill the Great Commission, and ultimately welcome Jesus back.

The Jesus Life is not only the BEST Life –

it’s the ONLY Life worth living.

Your BEST in Christ is totally yet to come!



A b o u t   E L I J A H

Elijah Bowling is a Christian Influencer, Creative, Innovator, Entrepreneur, and passionate Communicator of the Gospel with a lifetime of experience in ministry on multiple levels - from the local church to national ministry conferences. He possesses a unique ability to combine creativity and analytics into a singular + indistinguishable experience, and how they can apply to everything in life through God’s perfect plan. His vision is to lead a church of the future and influence his generation for Jesus.


21 years old and based in Raleigh, NC, Elijah currently serves on Worship + Creative + Production teams at WCCG. He is a Licensed Exhorter in the Church of God, and is enrolled in Ministry School through Lee University in pursuit of the Pastoral Calling on his life. He’s had the privilege of meeting/working with people/ministries like Kari Jobe, Winterfest, Winterjam, Premiere Productions, and many local churches and small businesses.


His purpose in life is to live The Jesus Life: Live, Love, and Lead like Jesus.


“I believe the purpose of all created Life is to Worship Jesus – in spirit and in truth through our thoughts, words, and actions. God creates each of us with a unique capacity for passion, because He has an amazing purpose for each of us to be passionate about. He has a perfect plan for our lives and gives each of us our own unique measure of grace to walk by faith and fulfill that purpose in a way that worships and glorifies Him with our lives. Living a passionate and faithful life like Jesus lived, Loving people completely as He does, and boldly Leading them to encounter the life-transforming message of His Gospel is the universal purpose God has for each of us, which He then fulfills through the individual and unique lives He has for each of each of us. Living The Jesus Life is not only the BEST life – I’m convinced it’s the only life worth living.”


Elijah is a passionate Creative in all Visual/Audible forms, and some of his attainments include winning multiple awards - 1st Place in Website Design + 3rd Place in Film production - at COG International Teen Talent Competition in 2017, and serving as an adjudicator for the competition in 2019.


Elijah is 1 of 10 children, and his family has been purposed for ministry since his parents began ministering together in 1996.